Loving Your Home w/ Linds

Style Tip 1: Inspiration

What does sandy beaches, too much La Croix, and music videos during Spring Break have to do with home decor? On a recent trip with friends I was persuaded or shall I say encouraged to run like a giraffe. Despite making a complete fool of myself, that memory of running down the beach like a gracefully elegant yet awkward giant will forever be engrained in my mind. Over the past few years, whenever I see a giraffe I am reminded of these friends, the time at the beach with our family and the warmth it brings knowing it’s my moms favorite animal. I’ve incorporated giraffes at our home and at #thenollteam office.  What makes you feel joyful or inspired? Display it and don’t hesitate. If it #sparksjoy, you will keep it around for years to come and it will help your house feel like home.

Is there a piece of art, a symbol, or even a pattern you have discovered that invokes a memory you want to hold on to? Share with us some #inspiration!

Thank you House Envy- Erin Poiry for the framed art

Thank you House Envy- Erin Poiry for the framed art

Lindsay Noll