Here's Angie!


Angela has spent her life in Noblesville, Buffalo New York, and family brought her back to Fort Wayne. She got married 10 years ago, and has been here since! Her family is Coco, mutt that is a little over 10 years old that they rescued. (Nicknamed Coco-Nut because she's a 'nutcase') Her daughter Faith-Adalynn is almost 1, and Laela is 15.

Before ever becoming a licensed Realtor, Angie knew she wanted to do something with Real Estate. She said while living in Buffalo, she'd pay close attention to the housing market trends, and says she used before half of the world knew it existed! In Fort Wayne, she worked in retail management for Maurices for several years. She wasn't a fan of the hours, but loved building relationships with clients and teaching her associates. She 'retired' from this job in 2015, when she got her Real Estate license!

She loves being a Realtor because she gets to meet so many different people, all of which become friends and part of her family. She enjoys walking people through what can be such a scary process, and keeps the experience fun and exciting so they still have a smile on their face by the end. If she could ask for anything more from the job -- it'd be more hours in the day to be able to spend more time with all of her clients.

Angie recently came to the Noll Team last summer, as a Buyer's Agent. Some of the weird things she's found in homes over the years are: a door with a bulkhead behind it so if you walk through without paying attention you'd smack your head. She once found a toilet under stairs in a basement freely open for the entire room to see. Lastly, the reason Realtors call out 'anybody home' even when they think nobody should be home, she walked in on a guy sleeping in his bed with no clothes on!


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