our story —

Since 2003, our team has been helping people in the Fort Wayne area find the freedom to live the lifeSTYLE they want.

Our team leader, Brad Noll, entered real estate after college having been inspired by his grandfather who had worked in real estate for 55 years. His grandfather believed relationships sat at the core of a successful and impactful business.

Despite changing markets and business tactics, we have remained true to this better and improved business model by focusing on building relationships and serving others in everything we do.

Because of our passion for serving and our desire to build real relationships with our clients, the majority of our business is 98% referral based. This allows us to fully commit ourselves to each client rather than spend our time looking for new business. We not only walk beside you through the process, but we are dedicated to serving you even after the sale.

We believe this business model is why we have continually ranked among the top percentage of Realtors® in the Fort Wayne area. We not only help clients buy and sell homes, but we also offer services in new home construction, remodeling and renovation, interior design, home staging, and investing.

Whatever stage of life you are in, our goal is to provide you with the wisdom and tools necessary when buying or selling a home. We put you first to ensure an enjoyable and profitable experience.



Our Values —



At the heart of our business is the desire to serve others. We are continuously finding new ways to go the extra mile for you and out-serve our competition.


Our business is founded on real relationships. As a team, we walk beside you before, during, and after the sale and get to know you in a way no other Realtors® will.


Faith and integrity guide our decisions. We have your best interest at heart and strive to guide you honestly and fairly through the sale.


As experts in our field, we strive to provide you with the wisdom and tools necessary to achieve the life you want.


You have dreams and desires for your life, and we will do what it takes to help you achieve those goals.


A Note From Our Founder

"Antique Skeleton Keys have a strong heritage and provide a pinnacle tool for the real estate business.  My grandfather gave me his set before he passed in December of 2016.  My grandfather, Miz Lehman, had owned a real estate business in a small Indiana community for over 55 years.  There are not many possessions in my life that I hold in high regard, except these keys.

There was a time when the locals never locked their doors.  Overnight, there came a time in history where locks were put on doors.  I had the privilege to ask my grandfather if this was a threat to his business.  As we all go through life, there are disruptors, challenges, hurdles, and obstacles.  The lock on the front door was a threat to his business.  

To me, not only do the keys represent the perseverance he had but the symbol that there will always be challenges.  He not only survived, he thrived.  I have great respect for the man Miz Lehman was and the legacy he built.  Our team leverages the mental and physical image these keys provide.  

One of our core values is to have an appreciation for where we’ve come from and honor those who came before us.  My hopes and dreams are the ancestors of my grandfathers hopes and dreams.  This is KEY to our success and those we serve!"

— Brad Noll, The Noll Team

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