This Weekend in Fort Wayne

Got any weekend plans? Now you do -> check out all the fun going on around town this weekend:

Wild Zoo Halloween
The zoo is doing a ‘merry-not-scary’ Halloween at the zoo! For the next couple weekends, stop by for $5 admission or $9 admission with treats and experience some extra fun! Check out more details here and make sure to wear your Halloween costume!

Hobnobben Film Festival
A festival put on by the Cinema Center to celebrate the art of film and filmmaking! It’s going on all weekend, check out all the details here!

Punkin’ Path
The Botanical Conservatory downtown has decorated outside with pumpkins, gourds, straw, and gnomes so you can stop by and take fun photos! This exhibit is included in Conservatory admission and is open during public hours.

Mac & Cheese Festival
At Headwaters Park on Saturday from 12-3:30, you can help benefit hungry families in Northeast Indiana! This is a charity event where admission goes towards families in need - and you get to try unlimited samples of mac & cheese from local culinary partners! There’ll be music and face painting and more! Check it out here!

Comment what you’re doing this weekend!

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FALL Home Maintenance

Fall is right around the corner…and so is winter! Here are a couple of things to work on this fall season to take care of your home!

  • Check weather stripping on all doors and windows and repair as needed: this one will require a trip to your local hardware store, but it’s well worth not having a draft! See how to install weather stripping on a door here or a window here

  • Patch and seal driveway (asphalt or concrete), and concrete steps/landings: for asphalt repair see here for concrete here

  • Check tuckpointing on all brick areas, then seal masonry with a silicone sealant

  • Check all areas that need to be caulked, and repair as needed: did you know there are different types of caulk? And you should use the right caulk for the right job, see here

  • Make sure all garage floor or driveway drains are flowing properly

  • Clear gutters of leaves, check for leaks, repair as needed: we have a guy for that! Call Ed from Best Roofing at 260-450-0911.

  • Inspect the roof for loose or missing shingles, and check flashing seals; repair as needed: Need help? Ed can help do that too! 260-450-0911.

  • Clean and reseal decks, fences, or other structures made of pressure-treated wood: did you know you can rent a pressure washer from Home Depot?

  • Lubricate garage door tracks: have you ever done that? Try it now it’s pretty easy - see this for some help

  • Prune bushes, trees, and shrubs: if you don’t have the time or energy, we recommend checking out Paragon, a local landscaper

  • Have furnace checked or tuned up, and change filter; have boiler checked every few years (every year if boiler is more than 20 years old) Masters Heating and Cooling does a great job, see here!

  • Have the chimney cleaned (yearly, if wood burning, every 5 years if just for gas appliances): Todd is local and can help you out, see his site here!

  • Check damper in the fireplace for obstructions, such as birds’ nests: here’s how!

  • Drain off sediment from hot water tank and steam heating system: see here for how to!

  • Add copper sulfate to basement floor drain and downspout drains to control tree roots in main sewer: see here for what copper sulfate does!

We have a robust free app full of contractors and local vendors to fill every need you can think of! Check it out here! Can’t find something you need, give us a call, we’d love to help you find exactly what you need!

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This is Jamie!

Newest to our team, this is Jamie! Jamie got into real estate because she likes helping people, and is super excited to do so. Her favorite room in her house is the kitchen, where she spends most of her time. She enjoys baking, and promised to make the team a ‘mean carrot cake’ complete with pineapple.

Jamie met her husband,Chris, in highschool when they were 17 and she was a cheerleader. They both enjoy golfing at Sycamore Hills together and going to sporting events like Purdue basketball or football. Together they have two kids, Myleigh and Maddox. Myleigh is off to 6th grade (middle school!!) this year and Maddox will start the 4th grade at Deer Ridge, where Jamie is the PTC president! As a family the Dubes’ enjoy Disney World or going to Tincaps games or concerts at the embassy!

When away from the office, she can be found sipping her white chocolate chai reading the latest Nicholas Sparks book, while tanning at the neighbors pool, keeping an eye on her dog, Millie.

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Meet Nancy!

Nancy has been in real estate since 2005, and is one of the newest additions to our team. She loves working with her clients to help them succeed with one of their biggest life events.

She’s been married for 44 years to her husband Darrell, who is a pastor. Their grandkids live right down the street from them, ages 9 and 12. When asked what she likes to do with them, she said ‘make them food, especially cookies!’

Nancy loves to travel. If she could pick one place to live, it’d be the Southwest. Nancy loves the heat of summer, but it’s just too short in Indiana. She does like the fall colors and weather though. She’s an accomplished pianist and vocalist. She plays on the worship team at First Assembly in Fort Wayne and has held concerts of classical music and jazz on her front lawn.

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Organized Creations: How to Effectively Organize Your Home
How to Effectively Organize Your Home.jpg

Thank you Organized Creations for this guest blog post!

The weather is slowly warming, and more people find themselves wanting to get out and do something. Many homeowners tend to prioritize cleaning and organizing in order to get a fresh start for the summer months.

Although cleaning every area of your home might sound like a daunting project, breaking it up into smaller tasks and organizing along the way can make a huge difference.  

Here are a few tips to help you start fresh and begin organizing your home effectively:

1. Set Goals

The first step towards completing any task is to set a goal and make a game plan. Decide on a date you want to be done and how much time you’ll devote to your project every day. Then, decide which areas of the home you will tackle first. This will help you stay focused and make the most of your time.

2. Declutter

 Once you have chosen a specific area of your home to work on, you need to declutter that space. This means that you get rid of things that you don’t need or want, including items that don’t belong in that area. Throw away broken belongings and consider donating items that are still in good condition.

3. Clean

Now that you are only working with things you want to keep, it’s time to do a deep clean. There can be lots of dust and grime build-up over time, especially in areas that don’t get used very often. Simply wipe down surfaces with some cleaner and a rag to clean and freshen up the room.

4. Organize

 Having a place for each item is essential in keeping your home organized. The easiest way to do this is by grouping similar items together. This way you can quickly know where an item belongs. If you have trouble fitting your belongings neatly in one area, consider installing more storage systems such as shelves, cabinet drawers, wall organizers, etc.

 While you are focused on organizing the contents of your home, make sure not to forget about your garage. The garage is easily overlooked but is usually one of the biggest contributors to clutter and disorganization. Constant misplacement and lack of storage space make it easy for your belongings to start piling up on the floor. Warmer weather will allow you to spend more time in the garage so you can create the functional storage space you’ve always wanted.

 Organized Creations, located here in Fort Wayne, specializes in helping you organize your garage. They work with you to understand your storage needs and transform your garage into a space that you enjoy. With a designated place for each item, you no longer have to spend valuable time looking for specific items. Instead, you can quickly grab that camping equipment or sports gear and be on your way.

Shelving Solutions.jpg

Organized Creations designs and installs custom storage systems for each client. Because no two homeowners are the same, Organized Creations works with the homeowner to create a unique solution to fit their lifestyle. Choose from a variety of quality products that will last through the everyday wear and tear to create an organized and functional space.

 They offer custom, lockable melamine cabinets that hold up to 100 lbs per shelf, available in 14 colors with four handle finish options to suit your style.

 Their layered shelving holds up 1,000 lbs on every 4 ft section with a variety of hook sizes and functions. Accessories to hang your items and maximize your wall space create even more storage possibilities.

 Overhead storage racks are installed on the ceiling to help get your seasonal and rarely used items out of the way. Organized Creations has a new motorized solution that will raise and lower with the tap of a screen on your phone.

 In addition to these storage solutions, they also offer epoxy coatings and floor tiles to protect your concrete from oil stains and other spills.

Organizing your garage is an important step that can’t be forgotten when you go to organize your home. These same tips of setting goals, decluttering, cleaning, and organizing should be applied to your garage. Contact Organized Creations to get started on your professionally installed storage solutions to create an organized, functional garage that will stay that way for years to come.

With a fully organized home and garage you’ll be able to make the most of the coming summer months.

This post was written by Shaelyn Peterson at Organized Creations. They help homeowners get their garage organized with custom storage systems.

Cover Photo:

Product Photo: their shelving gallery

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Loving Your Home w/ Linds

Style Tip 4: Home away from home

Do you leave for vacation and it takes 1-3 days for your mind to relax?  Did I shut off the lights, pack the snacks, get the minivan serviced (because all moms don’t drive Range Rovers…yet), electronics charged, batteries stored, bucket list packed, pillow sheets washed and clean, sunscreen (never mind, somethings just get purchased while on vacay), oh shoot the dog..!  Ok, wave the magic wand.  What does a perfect exit look like as you head off for the glorious vacation you’ve worked so hard to plan?  We’ve compiled a list of things for you to remember prior to rushing out the door so that anxiety doesn’t creep in and you can be fully present on vacation.  Because no one ever said, “I don’t NEED a vacation”!!


Certainly pick up something memorable on vacation and bring it home to add to your decor. When you return you will have a new appreciation for your home. A portion of going on vacation is the return to everyday life. Memories of your time away will be activated by the sentiments you bring home with you. Each time you see it your reticular activator will signal that memory and hopefully put a smile on your face. Create moments together and write another page of your story this week. We can’t wait to see pictures!

Sabrina Medert
Loving Your Home With Linds

Style Tip 3: Shut the Front Door = Curb Appeal

To wreath or not to wreath? What’s your home’s current mood? What about your mood? Whether it’s the mailman, the milkman, or the mother-in-law that shows up, you really do want to make a great first impression. If you want a fun and energetic environment in your home put a bold or bright color on the front door. When the business of life and work leaves you overstimulated and you want home to be a calm but an inviting space, communicate that with color or with the stain. We’ve had a purple, orange and grey front door. It has been reflective of the mood in our house with each changing year.  What about glass? There are pros and cons about letting more or less light in. Did you know that Front Doors command the highest ROI of almost all the home improvement products year over year? It’s true. Don’t “Shut the Front Door” on resale value. You may be missing out on some extra cash in your pocket and boosting the curb appeal with your guests.

Lindsay Noll
Loving Your Home With Linds

Style Tip 2: Positive Energy

I like Big Barns and I cannot Lie!! Are barn signs and barn modern a “fad” or “here to stay”? One thing is true, the simple sayings and quotes that are being used alongside these relics are timeless truths. Matter of fact, I don’t believe it is because of the type of wood or even the paint color or fonts that make these trendy home decor pieces priceless. Life can be hard and difficult and people are hurting and sometimes turning to positive quotes will fill your mind with an affirmation at the right time. When you see these positive words on a daily basis you are more likely to believe them. As we like to say, “your eyes are the window to your soul.” Why not set your eyes on words that bring light and positive vibes into your home, not darkness. Only light can drive out darkness. Post farmhouse signs pics here! Let’s “shed” some light…

Lindsay Noll
Loving Your Home w/ Linds

Style Tip 1: Inspiration

What does sandy beaches, too much La Croix, and music videos during Spring Break have to do with home decor? On a recent trip with friends I was persuaded or shall I say encouraged to run like a giraffe. Despite making a complete fool of myself, that memory of running down the beach like a gracefully elegant yet awkward giant will forever be engrained in my mind. Over the past few years, whenever I see a giraffe I am reminded of these friends, the time at the beach with our family and the warmth it brings knowing it’s my moms favorite animal. I’ve incorporated giraffes at our home and at #thenollteam office.  What makes you feel joyful or inspired? Display it and don’t hesitate. If it #sparksjoy, you will keep it around for years to come and it will help your house feel like home.

Is there a piece of art, a symbol, or even a pattern you have discovered that invokes a memory you want to hold on to? Share with us some #inspiration!

Thank you House Envy- Erin Poiry for the framed art

Thank you House Envy- Erin Poiry for the framed art

Lindsay Noll
Here's Angie!

Angela has spent her life in Noblesville, Buffalo New York, and family brought her back to Fort Wayne. She got married 10 years ago, and has been here since! Her family is Coco, mutt that is a little over 10 years old that they rescued. (Nicknamed Coco-Nut because she's a 'nutcase') Her daughter Faith-Adalynn is almost 1, and Laela is 15.

Before ever becoming a licensed Realtor, Angie knew she wanted to do something with Real Estate. She said while living in Buffalo, she'd pay close attention to the housing market trends, and says she used before half of the world knew it existed! In Fort Wayne, she worked in retail management for Maurices for several years. She wasn't a fan of the hours, but loved building relationships with clients and teaching her associates. She 'retired' from this job in 2015, when she got her Real Estate license!

She loves being a Realtor because she gets to meet so many different people, all of which become friends and part of her family. She enjoys walking people through what can be such a scary process, and keeps the experience fun and exciting so they still have a smile on their face by the end. If she could ask for anything more from the job -- it'd be more hours in the day to be able to spend more time with all of her clients.

Angie recently came to the Noll Team last summer, as a Buyer's Agent. Some of the weird things she's found in homes over the years are: a door with a bulkhead behind it so if you walk through without paying attention you'd smack your head. She once found a toilet under stairs in a basement freely open for the entire room to see. Lastly, the reason Realtors call out 'anybody home' even when they think nobody should be home, she walked in on a guy sleeping in his bed with no clothes on!


Sabrina Medert
Meet Trevor!

Trevor Day is our intern here at the Noll Team. He’s a Junior at PFW, even though he’s only been on campus for 2 years. He got ahead of the game by taking courses in highschool and through his summer breaks. He’s really ambitious - going for a major in marketing with a minor in management. So far in school he’s enjoyed his communications and public speaking classes. He recently job shadowed Brad for awhile, and fell in love with the communication and relationship building you get to do with clients as a Realtor. This pushed him to do more school in addition to his college courses — a Real Estate Certification program. He really looks forward to working with a Real Estate team.

He grew up in Auburn, but has since moved to the Northwest side of Fort Wayne. He has one older brother who lives down in Indianapolis with his soon to be sister-in-law Erin! His parents live and work in Fort Wayne - his dad is the store director for the Meijer on Illinois Road, and his mom is a home care nurse with “Visiting Angel.” He’s got one dog, Cubbie! He’s 14! He’s played basketball his whole life, and if he was given a whole free day of no obligation (which he never has,) he says he would spend it playing more basketball, watching sports, and finding deals with his girlfriend, LaShay. They love to try out new restaurants together or un deals, like Flat Top’s “2 for 22 bowls.” They even went so far as camping out front of the new Chik-Fil-A to win a years worth of meals there for free!

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Home Maintenance

Just a couple tips now that temperatures are low and snow is upon us! If you’ve been in your home for a very long time, or if you’ve just purchased an older home, it’s probably time to get your furnace cleaned! In addition to getting your furnace cleaned, here is a source to keep in mind for all aging homes.

Take care of your pipes! If the temperature dips below 20 degrees, keep one or two faucets running slowly to keep water through the line. This should help prevent your pipes from freezing. You can also keep the cabinet under any sink along external walls open to allow warm air flow to the pipes. Lastly, cover any exposed pipe with foam covering to help keep out the cold.

Are you renting out your home? Make sure to send some reminders to renters for some things they should be taking care of through the winter. Here is a good list of preventatives you can remind renters of that are easy and will save you a headache should something go unattended to!

New to home-ownership and starting to panic just thinking of these couple items? No worries, here’s a pretty good list on what you should be doing each winter.

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"How to Get the Mortgage Monkey Off Your Back"

Listen to this great podcast by Brian Buffini, it talks about how to “get the mortgage monkey off your back.”

Inspirational quotes from the podcast:

“The one thing about real estate is if you hold it long enough, you will win.”—Brian Buffini

“If you need a place to live, you may as well turn it into something that works for you.”—Brian Buffini

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it. He who doesn’t, pays it.”—Albert Einstein

“Interest is not charged in a linear fashion”—Brian Buffini

“Banks are a great resource to help you get into a property, but the deck is stacked against you.”—Brian Buffini

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”—Chinese Proverb

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Autumn Ridge

Autumn Ridge is an established, mature neighborhood with a strong sense of community! There are a variety of younger families that are here and are moving in as well - and then there are the people that built and have been here since day one. It's really neat to see their pride in the neighborhood! They do a variety of events at the clubhouse throughout the year and if you golf, it is a beautiful course! Many of the homes have a view that overlook the course. Autumn Ridge consists of 260 lots, a swimming pool, and tennis courts! These homes send their kids to Perry Hill Elementary, Maple Creek Middle, and Carroll High School.

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Market Update!

Join Charity as she talks House to Home, Ella Chic Boutique, and what the housing market looks like currently!

Sabrina Medert
Sip 'n Shop in Downtown Fort Wayne

One of our clients opened a furniture boutique called House 2 Home back in August. We wanted to bring recognition to the cute space, so we invited a local boutique, Ella Chic Boutique, to join meet us there, along with a handful of clients from the past year! It was a fun evening with a tablescaping & accessorizing demo with wine and appetizers and great laughs!

Sabrina Medert
Real Estate Horror Story!

Happy Halloween from The Noll Team. Not everyday is a walk in the park as a Realtor, sometimes you get to see some pretty eerie things. Check out this story from Brad —

Early in my career, I had a Real Estate investor who wanted to buy a home on a dark and dreary night…on a street I had never been on before. Just like any new inexperienced Realtors, I jumped at the chance to show a home.

Approaching the vacant home, we could tell it was subject to vandalism. I guess for $4000 this home was a steal. With a flashlight in one hand and in the other the emergency contact for 911, we slowly entered the home from the back door. 

If the dark and dreary night was not scary enough, the other Realtor decided to put the lockbox on the backdoor having us make our way through the old rickety fence. As we began to unlock the lockbox and remove the key, we noticed a shattered window. We entered the kitchen and on that same shattered window we noticed dried blood had dripped down the side of the wall. It was obvious someone had broken in. 

The big question was "How long ago?” It was right at this moment when I questioned my career choice. Boarded windows, creaky floors, winterized plumbing, all added to a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. We continued to tour the home at a pace similar to my heartbeat..very fast. I wanted to get out of there. 

Just before leaving this home, we noticed the attic access in the laundry room was opened with a ladder down leading us to the attic. We proceeded with caution. Our curiosity got the best of us and of course I climbed up. In the next one and a half seconds, I peered into the attic noticing a sleeping bag and without hesitating or trying to figure out if someone was there. I immediately jumped down, and my client and I exited as fast as we could. The scariest part of the whole story is that my client liked it, we wrote the offer and he bought it! It truly was ‘trick or treat.’

On a different occasion, Brad walked into a house to find this…thing —


Never a dull moment as a Realtor! There are tons of stories like this, next time you chat with your agent, ask them the weirdest thing they’ve ever come across in a home!!

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Zillow v

By: Tiffany Flemming

If you’re going to search for homes over the weekend, make sure you’re using the best source possible. “In today’s competitive market, having immediate and accurate information is crucial to having a competitive advantage.” - Tiffany Flemming

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 12.38.25 PM.png is directly syndicated thru our Indiana Regional Multiple Listing System (IRMLS), which is operated by the non-profit; The Upstate Alliance of REALTORS®(UPSTAR). Realtors submit ALL their listings to the IRMLS, and are usually shown on within 15 minutes. “ and local brokerage sites are more complete, timely, and accurate because of direct access to the IRMLS.” – Tiffany Flemming

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 12.38.09 PM.png

Zillow (owns Trulia) is a for-profit who aggregates their listing data from National Broker sites, other third-party sources (e.g. Oodle, hotpads, public records etc.), or directly from property owner (Make Me Move) or agent. This could take multiple days for information to be updated, and allows for greater error of information. Our IRMLS does not syndicate to Zillow.

So what's the difference?  Zillow may include more rentals as well as off-market or up and coming listings that a broker is marketing yet hasn't loaded into the MLS database. It’s in Zillow’s best interest to show you as many properties as possible, whether they’re really for sale or not, in order to keep you on their site longer and to entice you to submit your information. UPSTAR does not allow “coming soon” or “pocket listing” advertising.

Zillow makes money by capturing leads (aka every time you request information about a particular home), where then that information is then sold to an Agent as a paid advertiser. These agents have paid significant amount of money to have access to your information.

“If your dream home is something specific - 2 Story home, built in the 1980’s on 2 acres with city sewer – you’re best served by contacting your preferred Noll Team Realtor where they can connect you with free, direct access to our local MLS thru a defined client portal. It’s the most comprehensive and up to date search interface provided, at a local level.” – Tiffany Flemming

Visit our contact page and reach out for any of your home needs - we’d love to help!

Sabrina Medert
Meet Lori!

Lori is our client care specialist here at The Noll Team, she helps with everything related to transactions when buying or selling a home! She was born here in Fort Wayne, moved to Buffalo, New York for several years, then came back! She grew up going to Whispering Meadows, Woodside, and then chose to be homeschooled for highschool. Her recommendation to those considering homeschooling is that it’s only for students dedicated to their schooling, as well as students with a dedicated support system for that schooling.

Back in school, social studies was her favorite. She said she did not do sports growing up, and to this day “excercise is against my religion.” In her freetime, she’s an avid reader — C.S. Lewis being her favorite author. “Till We Have Faces” being her favorite from his works, because it's an interesting take on an old story.

Most of her evenings are spent going house to house to see some of her 7 siblings!! That’s right — she has 4 brothers and 3 sisters. Lori is the youngest, and gets to spend time with her 10 nieces and nephews from time to time to make sure their parents get to experience adult life away from kids every once and awhile.

Her greatest asset right now is her witty sense of humor, and she’s keeping watch of her brother’s dog while he’s away for the army. Ruby (nicknamed ‘Little Girl’) is a beagle/daschund mix if you ask her brother…but possibly also a chihuaha-weenie dog if you ask her brother’s girlfriend. Either way…she’s adorable!

Sabrina Medert