Loving Your Home With Linds


Style Tip 2: Positive Energy

I like Big Barns and I cannot Lie!! Are barn signs and barn modern a “fad” or “here to stay”? One thing is true, the simple sayings and quotes that are being used alongside these relics are timeless truths. Matter of fact, I don’t believe it is because of the type of wood or even the paint color or fonts that make these trendy home decor pieces priceless. Life can be hard and difficult and people are hurting and sometimes turning to positive quotes will fill your mind with an affirmation at the right time. When you see these positive words on a daily basis you are more likely to believe them. As we like to say, “your eyes are the window to your soul.” Why not set your eyes on words that bring light and positive vibes into your home, not darkness. Only light can drive out darkness. Post farmhouse signs pics here! Let’s “shed” some light…

Lindsay Noll