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The weather is slowly warming, and more people find themselves wanting to get out and do something. Many homeowners tend to prioritize cleaning and organizing in order to get a fresh start for the summer months.

Although cleaning every area of your home might sound like a daunting project, breaking it up into smaller tasks and organizing along the way can make a huge difference.  

Here are a few tips to help you start fresh and begin organizing your home effectively:

1. Set Goals

The first step towards completing any task is to set a goal and make a game plan. Decide on a date you want to be done and how much time you’ll devote to your project every day. Then, decide which areas of the home you will tackle first. This will help you stay focused and make the most of your time.

2. Declutter

 Once you have chosen a specific area of your home to work on, you need to declutter that space. This means that you get rid of things that you don’t need or want, including items that don’t belong in that area. Throw away broken belongings and consider donating items that are still in good condition.

3. Clean

Now that you are only working with things you want to keep, it’s time to do a deep clean. There can be lots of dust and grime build-up over time, especially in areas that don’t get used very often. Simply wipe down surfaces with some cleaner and a rag to clean and freshen up the room.

4. Organize

 Having a place for each item is essential in keeping your home organized. The easiest way to do this is by grouping similar items together. This way you can quickly know where an item belongs. If you have trouble fitting your belongings neatly in one area, consider installing more storage systems such as shelves, cabinet drawers, wall organizers, etc.

 While you are focused on organizing the contents of your home, make sure not to forget about your garage. The garage is easily overlooked but is usually one of the biggest contributors to clutter and disorganization. Constant misplacement and lack of storage space make it easy for your belongings to start piling up on the floor. Warmer weather will allow you to spend more time in the garage so you can create the functional storage space you’ve always wanted.

 Organized Creations, located here in Fort Wayne, specializes in helping you organize your garage. They work with you to understand your storage needs and transform your garage into a space that you enjoy. With a designated place for each item, you no longer have to spend valuable time looking for specific items. Instead, you can quickly grab that camping equipment or sports gear and be on your way.

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Organized Creations designs and installs custom storage systems for each client. Because no two homeowners are the same, Organized Creations works with the homeowner to create a unique solution to fit their lifestyle. Choose from a variety of quality products that will last through the everyday wear and tear to create an organized and functional space.

 They offer custom, lockable melamine cabinets that hold up to 100 lbs per shelf, available in 14 colors with four handle finish options to suit your style.

 Their layered shelving holds up 1,000 lbs on every 4 ft section with a variety of hook sizes and functions. Accessories to hang your items and maximize your wall space create even more storage possibilities.

 Overhead storage racks are installed on the ceiling to help get your seasonal and rarely used items out of the way. Organized Creations has a new motorized solution that will raise and lower with the tap of a screen on your phone.

 In addition to these storage solutions, they also offer epoxy coatings and floor tiles to protect your concrete from oil stains and other spills.

Organizing your garage is an important step that can’t be forgotten when you go to organize your home. These same tips of setting goals, decluttering, cleaning, and organizing should be applied to your garage. Contact Organized Creations to get started on your professionally installed storage solutions to create an organized, functional garage that will stay that way for years to come.

With a fully organized home and garage you’ll be able to make the most of the coming summer months.

This post was written by Shaelyn Peterson at Organized Creations. They help homeowners get their garage organized with custom storage systems.

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