Loving Your Home w/ Linds

Style Tip 4: Home away from home

Do you leave for vacation and it takes 1-3 days for your mind to relax?  Did I shut off the lights, pack the snacks, get the minivan serviced (because all moms don’t drive Range Rovers…yet), electronics charged, batteries stored, bucket list packed, pillow sheets washed and clean, sunscreen (never mind, somethings just get purchased while on vacay), oh shoot the dog..!  Ok, wave the magic wand.  What does a perfect exit look like as you head off for the glorious vacation you’ve worked so hard to plan?  We’ve compiled a list of things for you to remember prior to rushing out the door so that anxiety doesn’t creep in and you can be fully present on vacation.  Because no one ever said, “I don’t NEED a vacation”!!


Certainly pick up something memorable on vacation and bring it home to add to your decor. When you return you will have a new appreciation for your home. A portion of going on vacation is the return to everyday life. Memories of your time away will be activated by the sentiments you bring home with you. Each time you see it your reticular activator will signal that memory and hopefully put a smile on your face. Create moments together and write another page of your story this week. We can’t wait to see pictures!

Sabrina Medert