Home Maintenance


Just a couple tips now that temperatures are low and snow is upon us! If you’ve been in your home for a very long time, or if you’ve just purchased an older home, it’s probably time to get your furnace cleaned! In addition to getting your furnace cleaned, here is a source to keep in mind for all aging homes.

Take care of your pipes! If the temperature dips below 20 degrees, keep one or two faucets running slowly to keep water through the line. This should help prevent your pipes from freezing. You can also keep the cabinet under any sink along external walls open to allow warm air flow to the pipes. Lastly, cover any exposed pipe with foam covering to help keep out the cold.

Are you renting out your home? Make sure to send some reminders to renters for some things they should be taking care of through the winter. Here is a good list of preventatives you can remind renters of that are easy and will save you a headache should something go unattended to!

New to home-ownership and starting to panic just thinking of these couple items? No worries, here’s a pretty good list on what you should be doing each winter.

Sabrina Medert