08.09 Tiffany!


Tiffany grew up near Fort Wayne - Huntertown to be exact, and is a graduate of Carroll Highschool! Right now, in addition to working with The Noll Team, she serves at her local church! She's been married for 8 years to her husband, Eric, and they have an adorable dog named Boomer. 

Prior to working with the team, she worked for a couple nonprofits. She came to the team having known the Nolls for a long time, and started off 7 years ago doing some market/PR work. For the first couple of years, she just filled in wherever the team needed her, but now she sells houses full-time. She's always ready and willing to take up whatever the team needs, such as the meticulous process that helps a house go from "pending" to "closed." 

She thoroughly enjoys the relationships that come from selling a home. It allows her to reconnect with old friends and educate first time homebuyers. At one point in her life she was a coach, and the mentoring that came from coaching is similar to the mentoring that comes with buying a home. She doesn't consider her clients as clients, but rather as friends and family. Tiffany likes to make people laugh, it can really put people's mind at ease. There's always something that can go wrong in real estate, and it's so much easier to fix when you're on a friendly level with whom you're interacting with! 

Her strengths come in that she's really good at presenting the facts to her clients, but when it comes down to it, the client has to make the decision to buy. She said the challenge comes in trying to separate emotions from the transaction. 

Tiffany said through the years she's found loads of weird things in different houses from bats to a tub that no one could possibly fit into to inappropriate door knockers! One of her less favored experiences came from a time when she entered into a home to take some marketing photos, set off the alarm, and found out the hard way that she was in the wrong house!! 

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