Meet Charity!


Charity is awesome. She was made to serve others, and cannot see herself doing it any other way than with real estate right now! She grew up in a smaller town in Indiana, attending Lakeland Highschool in Lagrange. She went on to play basketball for St. Francis. It was at St. Francis that she met her husband, who played baseball at the time. Together they have 2 kids, a 3rd grader and a kindergartener and an adorable 2 year old miniature goldendoodle named Rizzo! 

Real estate wasn't the first thing she did out of school, she did some recruiting for financial advisors and some college coaching. She came to real estate in 2012, where she learned, from Brad, how to believe in herself and gain confidence to make the switch to a job with no salary. She loves being a trusted advisor to those she meets as she helps them through one of the biggest decisions of their life. She loves to serve people by walking them through the whole process while getting to know them.

She does say at times things can get weird when you walk into some homes -- one such time was when she entered a darkened home, heard a noise, but could only see a very large covered birdcage, and had no idea what was inside. Right now the job is a little emotionally difficult, with so many buyers on the market, it's hard to watch people get attached to their 'dream home,' only to have 10 other people put offers down on the same home. By the end, though, everyone does find the house that was truly meant for them! 

This career has been great for her, because she thrives in a team environment. She enjoys being in a room full of likeminded people, collaborating together, and helping pick someone up when they're down. On a personal level, she's the trustworthy ear on the team. She's great with problem solving and is a great leader, willing to listen and bounce ideas with. 

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