Selling 101: FSBO or Using a Realtor?

People always ask, why use a Realtor when you could do a ‘for sale by owner?’ Using a trusted Realtor makes sure you, the seller, get the best experience throughout the process. It also ensures the buyer that everything from the home price to inspections have been completed by a professional.

The market is hot. There are a lot of buyers but not a lot of sellers, and navigating through many offers can be very difficult without the help of a trusted Realtor. People always ask who sets the price of a home — FSBO often come with an uneducated sale price. A trusted Realtor will look at the market and do a professional analysis of consumer driven resources like Zillow, will look at other homes in the area and what they’re selling for, and they will take into consideration the cost of inspections and what work might need done on the house!

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Sabrina Medert