Real Estate Horror Story!

Happy Halloween from The Noll Team. Not everyday is a walk in the park as a Realtor, sometimes you get to see some pretty eerie things. Check out this story from Brad —

Early in my career, I had a Real Estate investor who wanted to buy a home on a dark and dreary night…on a street I had never been on before. Just like any new inexperienced Realtors, I jumped at the chance to show a home.

Approaching the vacant home, we could tell it was subject to vandalism. I guess for $4000 this home was a steal. With a flashlight in one hand and in the other the emergency contact for 911, we slowly entered the home from the back door. 

If the dark and dreary night was not scary enough, the other Realtor decided to put the lockbox on the backdoor having us make our way through the old rickety fence. As we began to unlock the lockbox and remove the key, we noticed a shattered window. We entered the kitchen and on that same shattered window we noticed dried blood had dripped down the side of the wall. It was obvious someone had broken in. 

The big question was "How long ago?” It was right at this moment when I questioned my career choice. Boarded windows, creaky floors, winterized plumbing, all added to a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. We continued to tour the home at a pace similar to my heartbeat..very fast. I wanted to get out of there. 

Just before leaving this home, we noticed the attic access in the laundry room was opened with a ladder down leading us to the attic. We proceeded with caution. Our curiosity got the best of us and of course I climbed up. In the next one and a half seconds, I peered into the attic noticing a sleeping bag and without hesitating or trying to figure out if someone was there. I immediately jumped down, and my client and I exited as fast as we could. The scariest part of the whole story is that my client liked it, we wrote the offer and he bought it! It truly was ‘trick or treat.’

On a different occasion, Brad walked into a house to find this…thing —


Never a dull moment as a Realtor! There are tons of stories like this, next time you chat with your agent, ask them the weirdest thing they’ve ever come across in a home!!

Sabrina Medert