Meet Lori!


Lori is our client care specialist here at The Noll Team, she helps with everything related to transactions when buying or selling a home! She was born here in Fort Wayne, moved to Buffalo, New York for several years, then came back! She grew up going to Whispering Meadows, Woodside, and then chose to be homeschooled for highschool. Her recommendation to those considering homeschooling is that it’s only for students dedicated to their schooling, as well as students with a dedicated support system for that schooling.

Back in school, social studies was her favorite. She said she did not do sports growing up, and to this day “excercise is against my religion.” In her freetime, she’s an avid reader — C.S. Lewis being her favorite author. “Till We Have Faces” being her favorite from his works, because it's an interesting take on an old story.

Most of her evenings are spent going house to house to see some of her 7 siblings!! That’s right — she has 4 brothers and 3 sisters. Lori is the youngest, and gets to spend time with her 10 nieces and nephews from time to time to make sure their parents get to experience adult life away from kids every once and awhile.

Her greatest asset right now is her witty sense of humor, and she’s keeping watch of her brother’s dog while he’s away for the army. Ruby (nicknamed ‘Little Girl’) is a beagle/daschund mix if you ask her brother…but possibly also a chihuaha-weenie dog if you ask her brother’s girlfriend. Either way…she’s adorable!

Sabrina Medert